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Xerox PARC Alto filesystem archive

With the permission of the Palo Alto Research Center, the Computer History Museum is pleased to make available, for non-commercial use only, snapshots of Alto source code, executables, documentation, font files, and other files from 1975 to 1987. The files are organized by the original server on which they resided at PARC (Filene, Ibis, Indigo, Io, Ivy, and Pixel), plus two additional groupings (_cd6_ and _cd8_) that correspond to files that were restored from other archive tapes. For each server, there are one or more top-level directories containing subdirectories and files. Each file is generally presented two ways: in a viewable format (e.g., HTML, PDF), and in its original format (referred to as “raw” in the directory listings).

We invite you to explore the archive itself. Alternately, you may prefer a walk-through of the archive describing what is there and who wrote the various programs. More detail about the archive (provenance, naming conventions, file types, etc.) is available here. There is also an @CHM post introducing the archive.


  1. [_cd6_]
  2. [_cd8_]
  3. [Filene]
  4. [Ibis]
  5. [Indigo]
  6. [Io]
  7. [Ivy]
  8. [Pixel]


14680 total files; 8598 unique crc32s

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