-- File: DriverDefs.Mesa,
--  Last Edit: HGM  January 6, 1981  9:21 PM
--  Last Edit: BLyon  January 16, 1981  2:48 PM

  StatsDefs USING [StatCounterIndex],
  BufferDefs USING [
    Buffer, BufferAccessHandle, BufferFunction, BufferType, OisBuffer, PupBuffer,
    Queue, systemAccessHandle],
  PupTypes USING [PupHostID, PupErrorCode],
  DriverTypes USING [DeviceType],
  SpecialSystem USING [HostNumber, NetworkNumber];

DriverDefs: DEFINITIONS IMPORTS BufferDefs =
  BEGIN OPEN BufferDefs;

  -- Interface from device drivers to Dispatcher and QueuePackage
  PutOnGlobalInputQueue: PROCEDURE [Buffer];
  PutOnGlobalDoneQueue: PROCEDURE [Buffer];
  GetInputBuffer: PROCEDURE [tryToWaitForBuffer: BOOLEAN ← FALSE]
    RETURNS [Buffer]; -- b.length (words) includes encap
  ReturnFreeBuffer: PROCEDURE [Buffer];

  -- These will return the last buffer.  They never wait.  Be careful.  NIL if its empty.
  MaybeGetFreePupBuffer: PROCEDURE RETURNS [PupBuffer] = INLINE {
	pup, BufferDefs.systemAccessHandle, systemUse]]]};

  MaybeGetFreeOisBuffer: PROCEDURE RETURNS [OisBuffer] = INLINE {
	ois, BufferDefs.systemAccessHandle, systemUse]]]};

  MaybeGetFreeBuffer: PROCEDURE [
    bufType: BufferType ← raw,
    aH: BufferAccessHandle ← BufferDefs.systemAccessHandle,
    bufFunc: BufferFunction ← systemUse] RETURNS [Buffer];

  -- Interface to Routers
  Router: TYPE = LONG POINTER TO RouterObject;
  RouterObject: TYPE = RECORD [
    input: PROCEDURE [Buffer],
    broadcast: PROCEDURE [Buffer],
    addNetwork: PROCEDURE [Network],
    removeNetwork: PROCEDURE [Network],
    stateChanged: PROCEDURE [Network]];

  -- Interface to Device Drivers
  nilNetwork: Network = NIL;
  Network: TYPE = LONG POINTER TO NetworkObject;
  NetworkObject: TYPE = RECORD [
    next: Network,
    decapsulateBuffer: PROCEDURE [Buffer] RETURNS [BufferDefs.BufferType],
    encapsulatePup: PROCEDURE [PupBuffer, PupTypes.PupHostID],
    encapsulateOis: PROCEDURE [OisBuffer, SpecialSystem.HostNumber],
    sendBuffer: PROCEDURE [Buffer],
    forwardBuffer: PROCEDURE [Buffer] RETURNS [PupTypes.PupErrorCode],
    activateDriver: PROCEDURE,
    deactivateDriver: PROCEDURE,
    deleteDriver: PROCEDURE,
    interrupt: PROCEDURE, -- to lock things in memory
    changeNumberOfInputBuffers: PROCEDURE [ --increaseBuffers--BOOLEAN] ← NIL,
    index: [0..400B), -- assigned by AddDeviceToChain (starts at 1)
    device: DriverTypes.DeviceType, -- 4 bits
    alive: BOOLEAN,
    speed: CARDINAL, -- KiloBits/Sec
    buffers: [0..256),
    spare: [0..256),
    netNumber: SpecialSystem.NetworkNumber,
    hostNumber: CARDINAL, -- This is the Pup host number
    pupStats: PROCEDURE [PupBuffer, Network] RETURNS [BOOLEAN],
    stats: LONG POINTER]; -- and debugging

  -- ON/OFF
  CommPackageGo: PROCEDURE;
  CommPackageOff: PROCEDURE;
  SetPupRouter, SetOisRouter: PROCEDURE [Router]; -- NIL to Deactivate
  GetPupRouter, GetOisRouter: PROCEDURE RETURNS [Router];
  StateChanged: PROCEDURE [Network];

  -- Device Things
  AddDeviceToChain: PROCEDURE [network: Network, iocbSize: CARDINAL];
  RemoveDeviceFromChain: PROCEDURE [Network];
  GetDeviceChain: PROCEDURE RETURNS [Network];
  SmashDeviceChain: PROCEDURE; -- only used by LoopBackPlug (to forget Ethernet)
  ChangeNumberOfInputBuffers: PROCEDURE [increaseTheBuffers: BOOLEAN];
  -- affects all drivers on the chain

  -- Setting up individual device drivers
  CreateDefaultEthernetOneDrivers: PROCEDURE RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  CreateDefaultEthernetDrivers: PROCEDURE RETURNS [BOOLEAN];

  CreateEthernetDriver: PROCEDURE [netNumber: CARDINAL, deviceNumber: [0..3)]
  CreateChainedEthernetDriver: PROCEDURE [
    netNumber: CARDINAL, deviceNumber: [0..3)] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  CreateEIADriver: PROCEDURE [host, net, lines: CARDINAL] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  CreateCommProcDriver: PROCEDURE [host, net, lines: CARDINAL] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  AssignPassword: PROCEDURE [line: CARDINAL, password: STRING];
  CreatePacketRadioDriver: PROCEDURE [host, net: CARDINAL] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  AdjustLengthOfEthernetInputQueue: PROCEDURE [CARDINAL];
  AdjustLengthOfEthernetIIInputQueue: PROCEDURE [CARDINAL];

  -- Stats linkage
  EthernetStats: PROCEDURE [PupBuffer, Network] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  SlaStats: PROCEDURE [PupBuffer, Network] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];
  PacketRadioStats: PROCEDURE [PupBuffer, Network] RETURNS [BOOLEAN];

  -- Internal routines
  DispatcherOn: PROCEDURE;
  DispatcherOff: PROCEDURE;

  -- Larry and Yogen
  DriverXmitStatus: TYPE = {
    pending, goodCompletion, aborted, noRouteToNetwork, hardwareProblem,
    invalidDestAddr, crateTooSmall,
    -- the following apply to circuit-like media only and mostly to the first packet sent
    noAnswerOrBusy, -- auto-dial case only
    noTranslationForDestination, -- no phone number for this destination
    circuitInUse, -- being used to talk to another destination
    circuitNotReady, -- dial the phone or connect modems (non-auto-dial case)
    noDialingHardware, dialerHardwareProblem};

  -- General catchall for things that shouldn't happen

  -- interface to SystemBufferPool

  -- For getting things STARTed
  Boss, DispatcherImpl, BufferMgr: PROGRAM;

  -- Beware MakeImage does not preserve debugPointer.

  GetGiantVector: PROCEDURE RETURNS [POINTER TO GiantVector];
  GiantVector: TYPE = RECORD [
    firstNetwork: Network,
    firstBuffer: Buffer,
    bufferPoolSize: CARDINAL,
    wordsPerBuffer: CARDINAL,
    firstPupSocket: LONG POINTER,
    freeQueue, globalInputQueue, globalOutputQueue: Queue,
    firstBufferAccessHandle: BufferDefs.BufferAccessHandle,
    -- hacks until we get more drivers
    ethernetOutputQueue: Queue,
    currentInputBuffer, nextInputBuffer, currentOutputBuffer: POINTER TO Buffer,
    statCounters: LONG POINTER TO ARRAY StatsDefs.StatCounterIndex OF LONG
    statStrings: LONG POINTER TO ARRAY StatsDefs.StatCounterIndex OF STRING,
    slaThings: LONG POINTER,
    prThings: LONG POINTER,
    spare: LONG POINTER];


August 1, 1980  3:38 PM by BLyon,  Action: modified netNumber in NetworkObject.
August 6, 1980  10:17 AM  By: Garlick  Action: Added several DriverXmitStatus's for circuit-oriented network errors.
August 1, 1980  3:38 PM by HGM,  Action: added buffers, stateChanged, and such.
Time: October 10, 1980  4:50 PM  By: Garlick  Action: Added DriverXmitStatus noAnswerOrBusy. 
Time: November 25, 1980  6:31 PM  By: BLyon  Action: turned off doStats