Preparations for Packet Radio Link to ASD-North
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Inter-Office Memorandum
ToDistributionDateAugust 14, 1978
FromL. StewartLocationPalo Alto
SubjectPreparations for Packet RadioOrganizationSSL
Link to ASD-North
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This memo describes the remaining preparations necessary to get the Packet Radio link between Parc and ASD-North running.
Physical Preparations
The radio unit will be moved from its present location to the end of the ASD equipment room near the telephone gear (see below).
Install telephone in ASD equipment room near the Radio Unit. The type of service is identical to the telephone installation for the Radio at Parc.
Install power wiring in ASD equipment room. Two outlets are needed; one for the telephone and one for the Radio.
Punch a hole through the wall between the ASD equipment room and the Air conditioning area adjacent. This path is needed for the radio antenna cable. It need not be very large!
Run the 1822 cable between the radio site and Steve Butterfield’s office. Sufficient length should be left for the cable to later reach the ASD-North gateway room. There is about 200 feet of cable left from the Parc installation in the cable area under the patch-panal room. More cable will be ordered (see below).
SRI has agreed to move the radio installation as soon as the hole through the wall is punched. The radio will move from its present location to the other end of the equipment room (near the telephone switching gear). The antenna will move to an adjacent part of the air conditioning equipment area and the antenna cable will run through the new hole.
ASD will order more 1822 distant host cable (500 feet). I will provide necessary information to Steve Butterfield. The cable may or may not be required for the ASD-North installation (SSL has some available) but it would be a good idea to have some for other 1822 interface sites.
Larry Stewart will install an 1822 interface in Steve Butterfield’s alto. Steve has agreed to the use of the machine after hours for testing the radio link and alto-gateway software. With luck a full time Alto gateway will be available soon.
c: PARC: Lee Anderson, Ted Strollo, John Shoch, David Boggs, Ed Taft
SDD: Hal Murray
ASD: Steve Butterfield, Ben Wegbreit