Alto-1822 PC Board Loading Notes
Filed on: [Ivy]<Alto-1822>PCBoardLoading.memo
From: Larry Stewart August 7, 1978 9:51 AM
1.Do not load the capacitor located between board locations D-5 and D-6. There is a paste-up error theree which would connect the capacitor to a signal line.
2.Wire C-7 pin 2 to C-8 pins 1 and 2.
Wire C-8 pin 3 to Alto backplane pin 117.
(These changes are for the TASKB’ output signal.)
3.Mill back Alto end board corners per Alto-II board standard.
4.Enlarge mounting holes for the 27 ohm resistor near the free edge connector. The holes will not accomodate a half watt resistor.
5.The original component drawing shows the two diodes installed backwards. The correct installation should have the diodes pointing away from the ground trace and towards the +5 trace.
6.Location C-9 is the ’Control’ PROM.
Location D-8 is the ’Output’ PROM.
Location E-1 is the ’Input’ PROM.