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Pressedit is useful for combining ~Press file~s together,
selecting certain pages from a Press file, 
or adding extra fonts to a Press file.
The general command format is illustrated in the following example:

\pressedit foo.press ← a.press b.press 2 5 c.press 3 to 7 9 TimesRoman10/f

This means "make a Press file $|foo.press| from all pages of $|a.press|,
pages 2 and 5 of the Press file $|b.press|, and pages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 of
add font $|TimesRoman10| to the fonts defined in $|foo.press|".
The resulting file will be arranged in the same order as the
component input files.


$&To extract pages 3 and 17 from a Press file& $|long.press|,
$&and put them in& $|short.press|:

\pressedit short.press ← long.press 3 17

$&To add fonts& $|logo24| $&and& $|helvetica14| $&to& $|a.press|:

\pressedit a.press ← a.press logo24/f helvetica14/f

Here the arguments on the right hand side of the arrow may be given in any

$&To make a blank,
one-page Press file containing all three faces of& $|Timesroman10|:

\pressedit blanktimes.press ← timesroman10/f timesroman10i/f timesroman10b/f

$&To append to the end of& $|chap3.press| $&all the Press files
with names& $|fig3-1.press, fig3-2.press, fig3-3.press| $&etc:&

\pressedit chap3.press ← chap3.press fig3-*.press

when you combine files with Pressedit,
try not to use different sets of fonts,
or the same fonts in different orders.
This will result in proliferation of $&font sets&,
making the file more bulky and creating other minor sources of

$&Merging Press files together:&
Pressedit allows any number of Press files to be
merged onto the pages of another Press file.  This
is useful for inserting illustrations in a formatted
document.  The following description assumes that the user wishes to add illustration figures fig1.press, fig2.press, . . . . fig9.press to a document file doc.press.

Illustration files should be of one page only; Pressedit will ignore all but the first page.  The document file may have any number of pages.  The illustrations are placed in position on the appropriate page with the aid of an ARROW.  The document file must have an arrow for every occurrence of an illustration; every illustration must also have an arrow.  Pressedit aligns the pairs of arrows when merging the files, and removes the two arrows.

In the document file, arrows have the form: