; NewGateway.txt -- Gateway parameter file for building new gateway disks from scratch

; Last modified by HGM, December 9, 1980  7:15 PM

; BEWARE OF COMMENTS!  In particular:
;  Don't leave blank lines within a section.  That is the end marker.
;  Most places will ignore lines that begin with a ";"  IFF they also include a ":".
;  If you leave out the ":", the line becomes an end marker.

; In User.cm, put something like:
;    [Indirect]
;    ParameterFile: <HostName.txt>

; [Gateway] section (default file is GateParameter.txt):
;  BUFFERS: <number of buffers (decimal)>
;  EXPANDHEAP: <pages (decimal)>
;  KILL DEBUGGER BITMAP: TRUE to flush the debugger's bitmap
;  TURN OFF DISPLAY: TRUE to turn off the display
;  MICROCODE: <filename>
;  TYPESCRIPT: <pages> (decimal)  100 fits in Bravo
;  Ethernet: <net> <host> <board> (octal)
;  ChainedEthernet: <net> <host> <board> (octal)
;  EIA: <net> <host> <lines> (octal)
;  CommProc: <net> <host> <lines> (octal)
;  DialInPassword: <number>...<number> (octal)
;    The following magic number will work if "testing" is the DialoutPassword:
;    172427 11553 125426 113132 10327 14616 142642 150070
;  LineNeedsPassword: <line> (octal)
;  SetupDialoutPassword: TRUE
;  PacketRadio: <net> <host> (octal)
;  Route: <dest> (decimal) <prID>...<prID> (octal)

; [BootServer] section (default file is BootServer.txt):
;   <Text>: <code(octal)> <file name>  [Text is ignored for now...]

; [TimeServer] section (default file is TimeServer.txt):
;   CORRECTION: <seconds per day> (decimal) [positive makes clock go faster]
;   DST: <beginning day> <ending day> (decimal)
;   ZONE: <sign><Hours>:<Minutes> (decimal, plus is west of Greenwich)
;  All three must be specified to activate the Time Server.

; [HostWatcher] section (default file is HostWatcher.txt):
;  Troubles: name.registry  (mail system sends mail here if it can't deliver something)
;  To: name.registry, name.registry.......  (The To: line of the message)
;  cc: name.registry, name.registry.......  (The cc: line of the message)
;  Full: name.registry, name.registry.......  (The To: line of the message if the server is full)
;  Chat: hostname
;  FTP: hostname
;  Mail: hostname
;  Librarian: hostname
;  Printer: hostname
;  Gateway: hostname
;   The current To, Cc, and Full lines are copied whenever a host entry is encountered.
;   For example, the following lines would send messages to:
;     Murray about (SoEasy and Glypnod)
;     (Murray and Boggs) about Twinkle.
; [HostWatcher]
;  Troubles: Murray.PA
;  To: Murray.PA, Boggs.PA
;  To: Murray.PA
;  Gateway: SoEasy
;  Gateway: Glypnod
;  To: Murray.PA, Boggs.Pa
;  Gateway: Twinkle
;   Note that the first line in this example is ignored because there are
;   no host lines between it and the second line.  Things like that are ok,
;   and they are sometimes convient when you are making a temporary edit.

Kill Debugger Bitmap: TRUE
Typescript: 100
; ChainedEthernet: net host 0
; EIA: net host lines
; MICROCODE: MesaGateEIAChain.br

Alto: 0 DMT.Boot
Alto: 1 NewOs.Boot
Alto: 2 FTP.Boot
Alto: 3 Scavenger.Boot
Alto: 4 CopyDisk.Boot
Alto: 5 CRTTest.Boot
Alto: 6 MadTest.Boot
Alto: 7 Chat.Boot
Alto: 10 NetExec.Boot
Alto: 11 PupTest.Boot
Alto: 12 EtherWatch.Boot
Alto: 13 KeyTest.Boot
Alto: 14 Calculator.Boot
Alto: 15 DiEx.Boot
Alto: 16 TriEx.Boot
Alto: 17 EDP.Boot
Alto: 21 GateControl.Boot

; ZONE: +8:00  ; Pacific
DST: 121, 305

Target: Twinkle