// October 19, 1980  2:58 PM
//Order is:
//      space reserved for ComZone
//      Chat, Permament BSP stuff
//** following overlaid by display stuff if display protocol on
//      Chat TTY resident, ChatComInit, PupNameLookup
//-- following overlaid with normal Chat screen
//      ChatParams and various package initialization
//-- in "initialization" overlay, which is moved down to ** point:
//      Display resident
//-- following overlaid by display Chat screen
//      Display init
bldr/L/V 10640/V 700/W 1000/N chat chataudio chataudioa pupaletha pupalethb pup1b pupal1a pup1openclose pupdummygate puproute puprtp puprtpopenclose pupbspstreams pupbspprot pupbspopenclose pupbspa altotimer altoqueue context contextinit interrupt ↑
chattty chattty1 etherboot chatcominit pupnamelookup ↑
chatparams chataudioinit mdi gp pupalethinit pup1init interruptinit savestate ↑
chatdisbsp/I chatdis chatdisops dcbpress chatdiscurve ↑