// last edited December 21, 1979  1:06 PM
// The loading order is important:
//   The initialization code gets returned to free space after it is run;
//   The main program is freed before sorting the symbol table;
//   The end processing code is in an overlay
//   If micslow is loaded, it must come before micsym
Bldr/F/B 600/W Micro/S ↑
MICGLOB MICRO MICMU micsym MICLIST MICOUT MICSA micasm LoadOverlay GetSetBits BcplRuntime ↑
micin micacc micproc micmac micbi micbix ↑
MICINIT TimeIO TimeConvA TimeConvB MDI GP BcplRuntimeMc LoadRam EasyJunta ↑
xend/B 0/P micend micstats