// last edited February 2, 1981  1:57 PM
// The loading order is important, because each pass is returned to free space
// after execution.  Each line is returned to free space as a unit.
// Overlays are read in at the corresponding /Q location.
// *** Ignore the error messages from the double loading of mdlist0 ***
BLDR/F/B 700/W 2000/N MicroD.Run/S ↑
mdmain mdmisc mderr DspStreamsB DspStreamsA Template LoadOverlay BcplRuntime mdout mdasm ↑
D/Q C/Q B/Q A/Q mdload GetSetBits mdload1 ↑
mdload0 TimeConvA TimeConvB TimeIO ↑
printmb ↑
mdinit gp mdi Dirs DirScanA DiskStreamsScan BcplRuntimeMc LoadRam ↑
easyjunta ↑
overlayA/B 0/P mdalist mdmake ↑
  mdlink ↑
  mdscan ↑
overlayB/B 0/P mdassign mdaring mdplace ↑
overlayC/B 0/P mdlist0 mdlist1 mddump mdfixup mdcheck ↑
overlayD/B 0/P mdlist0 mdlist2