// This file is <Alto>PeekDisk.cm
// Last modified February 12, 1979  2:33 AM by Boggs

// Delete empty DMT.boot created by OS Erase disk procedure
Delete DMT.boot

// Build a bare disk
Ftp.run Maxc Directory/c Alto ↑
Retrieve/s PeekUser.cm User.cm ↑
Retrieve/c InstallSwat.Run Sys.syms

// Install Swat under the new system:
Delete InstallSwat.run

// Boot (to get Swat files noticed by system):
BootFrom Sys.boot

// Get and install Bravo:
Ftp.run Maxc Directory/c Alto ↑
Retrieve/c Bravo.run Bravo.error Bravo.messages ↑
Empress.run <Fonts>Fonts.widths <AltoFonts>Gacha10.al

// Get the Peek files:
Ftp.run Maxc Directory/c Alto ↑
Retrieve/c Peek.run PeekSum.run ↑

Delete PeekDisk.cm