//File: FEdit.dfs
// F E D I T -- definitions  (PREPRESS)
//Last modified December 27, 1979  4:26 PM by Kerry LaPrade, XEOS

get "GoodFoo.d"
get "IX.DFS"

	StdUnit=20	//Default Alto units to char unit.

//Border area conventions (for displaying Tick Marks)
   left = 1
   right = 2
   bottom = 3
   top = 4
   borderWidth = 10

structure EFILE:
   [ //Structure to hold stuff about a char file.
   window word	//window for the file.
   bc word
   ec word
   wp word		//Pointer to table of CharWidth entries
   bp word		//Pointer to table for AC entries

structure VIEW:
   [		//For holding params of a view area
   dotSize word
   nDotsX word
   nDotsY word	
   BBT word
   bitMap word