//File: LoadPrepress.cm
//Last modified September 12, 1980  9:46 PM by Lyle Ramshaw, PARC:
//  Reduced number of non-page-zero statics from 1240 to 1040,
//  after making most variables into page-zero statics (and almost
//  filling up page zero!  only  18 locations left).
//Modified June 13, 1980  9:33 PM by Lyle Ramshaw, PARC:
//  Added OSUtils to the resident, since version 1.14 will
//  Junta back to LevDisplay
//Modified May 20, 1980  12:44 PM by Lyle Ramshaw, PARC:
//  added ov6, ov7.  deleted some stuff from ov0:  allow Prepress
//  to run on a Dorado with software floating point.  added
//  KsFormat to ov5.  added MergeDeleteOutput to ov1.
//Modified January 16, 1980  2:08 PM by Kerry A. LaPrade, XEOS
//  ov0: Removed PrepressMenuUtil. Added PrepressCommands.
//  ov4: Added FEditLoop
//Modified December 17, 1979  1:44 PM by Lyle Ramshaw, PARC:
//  added TFSSwat, changed capitalization on second occurrence of LoadRam
//  to save some EXTERNAL warnings
//Modified: November 19, 1979  11:12 AM (by LaPrade)
//  Added AltoByteBlT
//  Replaced UtilSTR and SDialog with StringStreams and StringUtil 
//  ov0: Added AuxiliaryMenuBox and added MenuKeyBoard and
//  replaced PrepressMenu with PrepressMenu1 and PrepressMenu2 
//  ov2: Added DCBPress
//  ov4: Added MenuKeyBoard
bldr/L/R/B/I 1040/W 1500/N Prepress PrepressWindow PrepressUtil OSUtils Pressml Scan StringStreams StringUtil AltoByteBlT ↑
ov0/B PrepressCommands PrepressMenu1 PrepressMenu2 PrepressTables AuxiliaryMenuBox Menu MenuBox MenuKeyBoard MenuBoxUtils ↑
ov1/B Filops MergeDelete MergeDeleteOutput tfsbase tfsa tfswrite tfsinit tfscreate tfsddmgr tfsclose tfsswat Float LoadRam triconmc ↑
ov2/B mapactemp grow rotate orbitformat scale readcu playout coordinate readwidths imposewidths DCBPress ↑
ov3/B sftosd convertcom convert scvmain scvsort ↑
ov4/B FEdit FEditFile FEditLoop FEditTables FEditUtil Menu MenuBox MenuKeyBoard MenuBoxUtils AuxiliaryMenuBox ↑
ov5/B ReadAL KSFormat ↑
ov6/B MicroFloat LoadRam MicroFloatmc ↑
ov7/B Float

//Normally 0 undefineds, 22 errors

//ListSyms.Run/X/F/S PrePress