FTP started at 29-Oct-85 12:34:44

*Open connection to Indigo
< Good ship Indigo 1.38.1L, File server of February 14, 1984; 3 users out of 9
*Directory Alto
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.run
<Alto>BRAVO.RUN!2 to local file BRAVO.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...233752 bytes, 187001 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.messages
<Alto>BRAVO.MESSAGES!2 to local file BRAVO.MESSAGES [New file]
Type Text...6211 bytes, 49688 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.error
<Alto>BRAVO.ERROR!3 to local file BRAVO.ERROR [New file]
Type Text...16285 bytes, 130280 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bcpl.Run
<Alto>BCPL.RUN!2 to local file BCPL.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...77442 bytes, 206512 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bldr.Run
<Alto>BLDR.RUN!2 to local file BLDR.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...19436 bytes, 155488 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Asm.run
<Alto>ASM.RUN!2 to local file ASM.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...23736 bytes, 189888 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Empress.Run
<Alto>EMPRESS.RUN!2 to local file EMPRESS.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...46246 bytes, 123322 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Oedit.Run
<Alto>OEDIT.RUN!2 to local file OEDIT.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...35010 bytes, 93360 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Sys.Syms
<Alto>SYS.SYMS!21 to local file SYS.SYMS [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...8610 bytes, 68880 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Sys.Bk
<Alto>SYS.BK!2 to local file SYS.BK [New file]
Type Text...6868 bytes, 54944 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Streams.d
<Alto>STREAMS.D!2 to local file STREAMS.D [New file]
Type Text...3442 bytes, 27536 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file AltoDefs.d
<Alto>ALTODEFS.D!2 to local file ALTODEFS.D [New file]
Type Text...3955 bytes, 31640 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file AltoFileSys.d
<Alto>ALTOFILESYS.D!2 to local file ALTOFILESYS.D [New file]
Type Text...5107 bytes, 40856 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Disks.d
<Alto>DISKS.D!2 to local file DISKS.D [New file]
Type Text...4250 bytes, 34000 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file SysDefs.d
<Alto>SYSDEFS.D!2 to local file SYSDEFS.D [New file]
Type Text...3449 bytes, 27592 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file BCPLFiles.d
<Alto>BCPLFILES.D!2 to local file BCPLFILES.D [New file]
Type Text...2957 bytes, 23656 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Prog-User.cm
<Alto>PROG-USER.CM!2 to local file User.cm [Old file]
Type Text...1724 bytes, 13792 bits/sec
*Directory Fonts
*Retrieve remote file Fonts.Widths
<Fonts>Fonts.Widths!12 to local file Fonts.Widths [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...15976 bytes, 127808 bits/sec
*Directory AltoFonts
*Retrieve remote file Gacha10.al
<AltoFonts>Gacha10.al!3 to local file Gacha10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2288 bytes, 18304 bits/sec
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