[IVY]<Pier>LaurelPrint.doc				14 Aug. 1981

Print is a program to generate Press format files
and send them to your local printer.  It is handy for generating
code listings since it will print files in 2 column landscape mode.
[IVY]<Pier>Print.laurel is a version of this program that will run
in the Laurel composition window.

Command format:

Activate Print with the Laurel Run button. Type a command line terminated
by ESC. "<filename1> <filename2> <filename3>"  just prints the specified
files on the printer specified in the HARDCOPY section of your User.cm.
"<filename>" may be a full path name, such as [IVY]<Pier>Print>LaurelPrint.doc. For remote files, the FTP protocol is used to copy the remote file to PRINT.TEMP$ on your local disk, press it, and delete it. Multiple files are batched to be sent to the printer as long as the fonts are the same.  If a file is already in Press format it will be sent directly to the printer. Typing DEL and being patient will abort in midstream.

"Print /b ..."  Shifts to Bravo mode.  (There is no way to get out
of it.)  This processes only a subset of Bravo formatting (tabs, fonts and faces).
It uses the fonts specified in the BRAVO section of your User.cm.


/a		Print headers on each page (default true; -a disables).

/z		Print trailers on each page (default true; -z disables).

<host>/h	Directs the output to <host>.

<output>/o	Creates a press file in <output> (defaulting .press).
		Disables transmission to printer.

<font>/f	Changes the font to <font> for the following files.  The
		default is Gacha8 in portrait; Gacha6 in landscape.

/c<n>		Sets number of copies to <n> (default 1).

/t<n>		Changes the tab stops to <n> spaces (default 8).

/l<n>		Landscape mode.  <n> is the number of columns (default 2).

/p<n>		Portrait mode.  <n> is the number of columns (default 1).

/s<n>		Number of sides.  <n> IN[0..2]; 0=> use printer default.

/m  		Messages. /-m or /~m turns off "progress" messages in the
                Laurel window. This is useful when large numbers of files
                are being Pressed.

The switches that don't need a string as an argument will also work in
local mode.  Local switches appearing after the argument is "used up"
are global.  Defaults are:  Gacha6/fl2s2c1azt8m

	 /l Foo1 Foo2
	 /c3 Foo1 Foo2/l3 TimesRoman10BI/f Foo3/l
	 Foo1/p2 Foo2/b
         /-m Foo1 Foo2 Foo3 Foo4 Foo5 Foo6 Foo7 /m Foo8

Richard Johnsson wrote the front end, Bob Ayers wrote the Bravo formatter
and Hal Murray wrote the Presser. Ken Pier modified the program for the
Laurel environment.

KAP, 11 Aug. 1981 12:39 pm PDT