// IfsDevFromSources.cm -- makes IFS Development disk,
// using individual files from <IFS>Sources> rather than dump files.
// Copyright Xerox Corporation 1979, 1980, 1981
// Last modified December 31, 1981  4:14 PM by Taft


Ftp Maxc2 Directory/c Alto ↑
 Retrieve/c Sys.syms Sys.errors Sys.bk ↑
  AltoDefs.d AltoFileSys.d Disks.d Streams.d SysDefs.d ↑
  Executive.Run InstallSwat.run Empress.Run ↑
  Bcpl.run Bldr.run Asm.run ListSyms.run CopyQuote.run ↑
  Bravo.run Bravo.error Bravo.messages ↑
 Retrieve/s CallFtp.run Ftp.run ↑
Directory/c Fonts ↑
 Retrieve/c Fonts.Widths

Ftp Maxc2 ↑
Directory/c AltoFonts ↑
 Retrieve/s Gacha10.al SysFont.al ↑
 Retrieve/c Gacha10.al

// Now install Swat with XM features enabled
BootFrom Sys.boot

// No longer get Dmt.Boot because we prefer to boot it from the Ethernet.
// But Install has preallocated Dmt.Boot, so...
Delete InstallSwat.Run Dmt.Boot


// What file server has the IFS source files'?
CopyQuote DumpFileServer.cm ← @WhatFileServer@

Ftp @DumpFileServer@ Directory/c Ifs>sources ↑
 Retrieve/c IfsCm.cm IfsDecl.cm
Ftp @DumpFileServer@ Directory/c Ifs>sources ↑
 Retrieve/c @IfsCm@ @IfsDecl@

Copy User.cm ← Ifs-User.cm
Delete Ifs-User.cm


// Now build an IFS!