Filed on [IVY]<Jasmine>JasmineScanInfo.bravo and [IVY]<McGregor>Jasmine>JasmineScanInfo.bravo.
This is a quick reference guide to the Jasmine Scan program. It is not meant as a tutorial, but rather as a reference to a user (or patient/curious beginner) of Scan.
How To Get Started:
There are two versions of Scan; one which runs on Altos and one which runs on D0s (Dolphins). You should contact your local support organization if you don’t already have a Mesa 6.0 environment needed to run Scan. For Altos, retrieve [IVY]<McGregor>Jasmine>Alto>Scan.bcd, and for D0s, retrieve [IVY]<McGregor>Jasmine>D0>Scan.bcd. D0 users are required to have [IVY]<D0>InitialAlto.eb!46 loaded as resident microcode.
Support Issues:
This release of Scan is mostly a Mesa 6 conversion. It fixes a couple of bugs and has better output and calibration routines. Most old bugs are still there. (Any volunteers to fix problems or add features will be warmly welcomed). If you have trouble, send a message to <>. I will be happy to provide consulting for people who have specific applications. My role in maintaining this software is that of a "placeholder", with the expectation of "full-fledged" Jasmine support from ISL as the laboratory develops.
Sample Session:
To start Scan, type "Scan" to the alto executive (this presupposes that you have a working Jasmine scanner attached, and the correct version of Scan.bcd loaded onto a Mesa 6 disk along with the correct microcode (if you’re running on a D0).
The Jasmine retains its calibration until powered off, so if the scanner has not been calibrated since being powered on, type "c" when Scan first starts. You should insert the best available white sheet of paper (the back of a sheet with print on it is a poor choice) into the scanner in answer to the prompt.
You may now type "n" to insert a new page to scan. The paper should be inserted face down. The "h" command will cause Scan to input the page; the space bar will stop scanning at any time.
The "z" Zoom command, along with changing the threshold values for black and white, and the time for integration ("b", "w", and "t") allow the user to adjust the scan for the best picture. Often the contrast on black and white material can be increased with black and white threshold settings around 50 and 190 respectively, but you should experiment for the best values. The "o" output command allows the result to be dumped to an ais file. Type the "q" command to exit Scan.
Command Summary:
?Displays current values for parameters Black, White, XStart, XLen, YStart, YLen
!Turns the controller on or off (toggle)
bSets black threshold-- prompts for a value between 0 and 255
cCalibrates the Jasmine-- expects to see a white sheet of paper
dSets Delay parameter
eErase the screen
fAdvance paper-- prompts for number of steps
hHalftone sample input
iInitialise RAM
lSets length of scan
nEjects old page and accepts new page input
oOutput to file-- expects filename of form <name>.ais
qQuit Scan.bcd
rReverse paper-- prompts for number of steps
sSet skip count
tSet time for integration-- initially 656 (38 uSec ticks)
wSet white threshold-- prompts for a value between 0 and 255
xFollowed by "l" or "s", sets XLen or XStart parameters
yFollowed by "l" or "s", sets YLen or YStart parameters
zZoom halftone mode-- draw rectangle with mouse red, yellow to move origin, and blue to invoke