file: Mesa.Log     Log for Mesa.bcpl and friends
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October 17, 1978; version 29.16.3; Added coded to determine and print microcode version numbers.  Revised HardwareInfo data structure.  RL

September 20, 1978; version 29.16.2; Configuration info now stored at location 3.  RL

August 10, 1978; version 29.16; Fix WakeHead to ignore WW.  RJ

July 20, 1978; version 29.15; Changed AdvanceTimer to increment timer before testing rather than at compeltion of loop.  This changes semantics of "WAIT n ticks" from waiting at least n to waiting at most n.  Also changed default extension for /b to "SV".  RJ

July 6, 1978; version 29.14; Bug in Exit (too few levels of indirection).  RJ

May 18, 1978; version 29.13; Corrected definition of ImagePrefix (type was in wrong place).  RJ

May 17, 1978; version 29.12; Fix code in CleanUpQueue (was following link instead of cleanUpLink).  RJ

April 15, 1978; version 29.11; Check for Dstar machines in userom (Alto Engineering number = 4 or 5).  RJ

April 13, 1978; version 29.10; rshift (j&3) changed to rshift (j&#17) in FindSpace and AllocPages.  RJ

April 4, 1978; version 29.9; Correct timeout=NOTIFY of 29.5 to turn off waitingOnCV and not set timeoutPending.  WakeHead no longer clears timeoutPending (never could have been on anyway).  RJ

March 22, 1978; version 29.6; Punt Data now pointed to by 456.  Initial state now after second page of Nova Code.  RJ

March 21, 1978; version 29.5; Timeouts merely NOTIFY instead of causing trap.  Timeout grain is 3 60Hz tick (=50 ms). leaderDA in checkfiles is checked. Bootloader now told to start at page 2 instead of page 0.  RJ

March 2, 1978; version 29.0; New Image file map format to allow check files.  BootLoader rewritten accordingly.  RJ

February 1978; version 28.0; Accept open stream for image file passed in by Executive/8.  RJ

January 9, 1978; version 27.0; Nova code expanded to two pages.  Includes all of new process stuff and timeouts.  BLK and CONVERT deleted.  RJ

December, 1977; version 26.0; New Nova code to run for testing process opcodes.  RJ

November, 1977; version 25.2; New Nova code to run with version 24 microcode; /m global switch to load microcode only.  RJ

August 29, 1977; version 24.2; Corrected structure ImageHeader to correspond to ImageDefs.ImageHeader.  RJ

August 28, 1977; version 24.1; Separate log now maintained for Bcpl and Nova code programs.  Version 24 implements new image file format, new version numbering.  Image file records (state vector, version stamp, header) are now defined by structure declarations. has departed and now rewrites Com.Cm to make the first item the image file name if necessary.  The /V switch prints not only its own version, but also the two version stamps from the image header.  New policy is that all versions on <Altomesa> will always print own version.  When installed on <Mesa> version will be printed only on demand. MBoot: Now retries disk errors 5 times.  RJ