; MesaX.Mu - Overflow from Mesad.mu residing in RAM
; Last modified by Levin - September 6, 1978  11:46 AM

;	Dummy file required so that MesaXRAM.mu can be included in a separate
;	microcode assembly without duplicate inclusion of Altoconsts23.mu


;	Reserve locations 0-17 of RAM for device tasks (silent boot)


Task0:		TASK, :Task0;
Task1:		TASK, :Task1;
Task2:		TASK, :Task2;
Task3:		TASK, :Task3;
Task4:		TASK, :Task4;
Task5:		TASK, :Task5;
Task6:		TASK, :Task6;
Task7:		TASK, :Task7;
Task10:		TASK, :Task10;
Task11:		TASK, :Task11;
Task12:		TASK, :Task12;
Task13:		TASK, :Task13;
Task14:		TASK, :Task14;
Task15:		TASK, :Task15;
Task16:		TASK, :Task16;
Task17:		TASK, :Task17;

;	Now bring in Mesa overflow microcode