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	This net must be a community effort in order to be successful.
Please keep the net up-to-date by inserting new sections, references, 
anecdotes, names of available hardcopy documents, etc.  If you try to 
look something up and find no references, please add the relevant pointers
when you do find some documentation.  This is intended to be an informal
system with no limitations on topics included.  The [Ivy]<Poppy> directory 
is open to writing by anyone so that you may update this file (and its 
index file) or add additional publicly modifiable documentation files.

Bug any of the following terms to get started into the net. 
	(If you are unfamiliar with Poppy, bug Help for instructions.)

Alto Hardware
Alto Operating System
Alto User's Handbook
BCPL	(A system's programming language.)
Bicycling (Local trips, hints, good repair shops, etc.)
Bravo		(A Display-Based Text Editor)
Directories (Useful ones to know about)
EtherNet (How all the Altos communicate.)
A Field Guide To AltoLand
FTP (for transferring files between machines)
Laurel (A message/letter system for your Alto)
Mesa (A strongly-typed systems programming language.)
NetExec (An Alto executive program available off the EtherNet.)
People (Name, address, interests, etc.)
Phone Numbers (Xerox folk - internal numbers.)
Poppy (A file retrieval, indexing, and display program.)
Restaurants (A local guide.)

---- end of Top-Level entries into the documentation net ----

(The initial entries below are very skeletal entries merely to suggest what
such a net may be like rather than to provide much real information.  If
you can improve on any of them, please do so.  A reasonable organization
eventually might be to have the root node consist entirely of brief entries
each with an index entry pointing to a more elaborate Poppy file giving
more extensive definitions and references. (As the Poppy pointer does now.)

Alto Hardware:
	The hardware description manual is [Maxc]<AltoDocs>AltoHardware.press.

Alto Operating System:

	The operating system is described in [Maxc]<AltoDocs>OS.press. 
	Documentation on some of the subsystems available is given in

Alto User's Handbook:

	This is a Xerox PARC Report (Oct. 1976), with subsections on the
	following topics: 
		Alto Non-programmers Guide
		Bravo Manual
		MarkUp User's Manual
		Draw Manual
		DDS Reference Manual
		FTP Reference Manual
	(It's becoming a bit dated.)


	There are two documents describing Bravo:
	[1]	Jerome, Suzan.  Bravo Course Outline.  Xerox PARC Internal Report.
	[2] Alto User's Handbook.  Xerox Parc Report. (Oct. 1976)


	The following directories are useful places to know about.
		Alto programs and subsystems (code only)

		Documentation for Alto programs is stored here.

		Source files for programs.

		Contains fonts and Fonts.widths files.

		Documentation about graphics facilities.
		Where the Mesa system resides.  The subdirectory <Mesa>System>
		contains the .bcd files for the standard modules.

		Utilities and packages.


A Field Guide To AltoLand:

	This is an excellent introduction to AltoLand, highly recommended for
	first-time users.  You can print it from 


	The following documents describe Mesa and its systems:

	Mesa Language Manual (by J. G. Mitchell, W. Maybury, and R. Sweet).
		Xeros PARC Report CSL-78-1.  February 1978.

	Mesa Debugger Documentation. Version 4.0 May 1978.  Xerox PARC
		Internal Report.

	Mesa System Documentation. Version 4.0 May 1978.  Xerox PARC
		Internal Report. (Describes what's new in version 4.0.)

The Mesa system is kept on the directory [Iris]<Mesa>.