This is file [Ivy]<Poppy>HowToBeA.PoppyUser.

	All of the files you may need are on the directory [Ivy]<Poppy>.  They are:

(1)	Poppy.Image  or  Poppy.bcd
	To use Poppy.image you must have the Mesa 4.0 RunMesa.Run file on your
	disk.  (There is one on [Ivy]<Poppy>.)  You can use Poppy.bcd if you have
	a Mesa 4.0 system on your disk.  Poppy.bcd is about 94 pages, while 
	Poppy.image is about 255 pages.  Warning: do not try to load Poppy
	onto a disk containing Laurel 1.3 (the current version, as of 8/15/78).
	Laurel expects a Mesa 3.0 system.

(2) PoppyFont10.AL
	This is just a copy of TimesRoman10.AL.  You can use other fonts if you like
	but they can't be any taller than TimesRoman10. This is 6 pages long.

(3) Poppy.Help  and  Poppy.Help+
	These files are the documentation you see if you bug HELP inside Poppy.
	These are about 10 pages altogether.

(4) ZBravo.Run  and  BravoMacro.InitZ
	ZBravo is a short BCPL program written by Bob Sproull which Poppy uses
	in order to drop into Bravo quickly.  You also need to include the Bravo
	Z macro which is in BravoMacro.InitZ into your for all this to 
	work.  (Don't forget to re-initialize Bravo after changing 
	ZBravo.Run is 4 pages long.

Once you've retrieved these files, you are ready to go.  The commands files     or

(both on [Ivy]<poppy>)  will retrieve all of (2)...(4) and either Poppy.image
or Poppy.bcd. 

	Good Luck!