HOW TO USE POPPY: (Version of August 11, 1978)

Bug Get to retrieve a file.  Enter a file name such as  Prog.mesa  or  
	[Ivy]<Grows>On.Trees  .  Poppy copies remote files onto your local disk 
	with names like IvyGrowsOn.Trees$ .  All files (except index files) are 
	opened in read-only mode. You can examine a remote directory by Getting
	"files" named [Ivy]<poppy>*.mesa , etc.

Bug Info to Get the root file of the Documentation Net.
	Use Info for more information about Poppy.

Scroll and "thumb" as in Bravo to move around in a file. (You need to scroll 
	to see all of this help file.)

	Each file  F  has an associated index file named  F+  .
	When displaying  F  ,  terms defined in  F+  (or its subindices) are shown 
		in boldface.  Indexing is proceeding in parallel with user interaction 
		when the word Poppy is preceded by a bar.
	If you Get an index file it will index itself.

Bug a boldface term to jump to its definition point.
	(To see just the file name and first line of its definition (as stored in F+),  
	 bug the term with the blue button.)

Bug Lookup and then typein a term to jump to the definition point of a 
	term defined in F+ which is not currently displayed.

Bug Back or the yellow button to undo the last Get, jump, or Lookup. 
	Repeated Backs take you further back using a small ring buffer.  

Bug Define to enter a definition for a term into F+ .  Then
	(1) Select or enter the term to be defined.
	(2) Move to its "definition" position (possibly in another file).  (The top 
		text line shown must uniquely define the position within the file.)
	(3) Bug AsHere to actually enter the definition into F+ .

Bug Bravo to enter Bravo with the current file selected at the current 
	position.  (Your must have the Z INIT macro.)

Bug SetX to temporarily select a new index file. Enter index file name.  

Bug AddX to add a "subindex" to the current index file.
	(The subindex name is recorded in the current index file.  All definitions go
	into the current index, but terms defined in the subindices are buggable, etc.
	Subindices of a subindex are ignored.)

Bug SetDir to select a remote directory to do all lookups in.  Then enter
	a string such as [Ivy]<Poppy>  to be prefixed to all file names which
	do not begin with a "[".  This includes all subindex names, etc. 

Bug Login to establish a username/password for remote logins.

To terminate a typein or confirm a selection, hit ESC, CR, or SPACE.