Year 79
14941/3Debbie Ruggles13 clo
"clo" is an account name representing clothing, haircuts, other personal items.
14951/1Arthur L. Besemer244.79T hou (mortgage payment)
T means "somehow relevant at tax time." The program currently makes limited direct use of this.
14961/8Guckenheimer5 rest
15001/17Adele Goldberg65.75 ent (remaining Ashland)
See later refund entry for this item.
15231/31Safeway79.11 gr / 30 cash
i.e. the check was for 79.11; 30 of it was for cash, the rest for groceries.
15281/23City of Palo Alto Utilities82.98 hh (1-15)
15341/23Leland W. Nicholas DDS24.80T med (12-18)
15401/23Bank of America VISA382.92 misc (12-26)/26.51 misc/11.18 misc/17.57 clo (K shoes)/16.55 gr/15.50 misc/63.90 clo/8.45 rest/33.02 misc/11.72 misc/23.82 rest/45.74 clo (D shoes)/15.35 rest/37.26 misc/15.50 clo (D shoe rep.)/7.40 misc/8.52 rest/4.79 misc
Anything not explicitly accounted for will be lumped under a single "misc" entry.
15723/13(VOID)0 misc
Una-void-able I guess
15973/15Bank of California MC757.55 misc (2-16)/15.92 misc (Walden books)/25.51 clo (Yosh -- Ann hair)/34.08 misc (MS)/52.19 clo (MS)/13.55 bus (Xerox Stamford)/205.51 bus (Xerox NYC)/6.63 bus (Xerox Stamford)/22.46 bus (Xerox Rochester)/10.44 bus (Xerox Stamford)/4.01 bus (Xerox Marriott Rochester)/128.97 bus (Xerox Marriott Rochester)/76 bus (Xerox Ramada Stamford)/112 ent (PSA to LA)/20.92 int (finance charge)
Note the transfer of Xerox trip expenses into the "bus" -- business expenses -- account. I’m informed that this is known in the trade as a "holding account". Later, you’ll see expense checks posted to the same account. The goal is a long-term zero balance.
01/15Dan’s Xerox-425.37 sal/62.50 ret (Xerox plan)/33.47 tax (FICA)/113.46 tax (FED)/39.95T tax (STATE)
Don’t believe everything you read, but that’s the idea. The paycheck was for (say) -425. The "sal" entry will be -425-62.50-33.47- . . .
01/31Ann’s PAUSD-8860.60 sal/1060.70 tax (FED)/880.22 ret/100.52T tax (STATE)/60.72T ed (CTA)/40T gif (United Fund)
01/10Ann school expense0 cash/5 bus
Just a way to "transfer" $5 from the "cash" account into the "bus" account.
01/10Ann school refund-5 bus
And this was a check to reimburse her for it.
03/15Xerox trip refund-345.66 bus
Similarly, this reimburses me for a trip. In reality, I expect this account to show a net "profit" over time, since I’m not likely to account here for all my cash purchases while travelling on business.
04/15Ann Dental refund-2.20 med
checks for specific accounts I put directly into those categories
08/16Cancel Ashland-81 ent
We decided not to go. We got our money back.
08/16Coop dividend-3.89 rec
"rec" represents actual "additional income". Shame on me for not reporting all of it, if indeed that’s the case.