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Inter-Office Memorandum
ToDistributionDateNov. 5, 1979
FromS. Tom ChangLocation Palo Alto
Filed on: [MAXC]<SIL>EdBuild.memo (Revised from a memo by B. Rosen, 4/7/79)
EdBuild is a specialized version of the BUILD program for controlling the release of revisions to a modules. EdBuild uses and enforces the conventions established in "D0 Module Revision Control", Thacker and Kakita, 3/23/78. EdBuild will run all the required programs from Analyze through FTP to generate the wirelist and documentation files required for a module.
EdBuild can be found on [MAXC]<SIL>EdBuild.Run
A build command line to EdBuild is:
EdBuild/AR nrev/R Card-BR/GB 100/GH E/GM Card*.sil

A rework command line to EdBuild is:
EdBuild/ARC orev/O nrev/R Card-BR/GB 100/GH E/GM Card*.sil

orev is the Old revision letter
nrev is the New revision letter
card is the module name
Card-BR the the file specifying the module
EdBuild expects that you have the following files on your disk:
Card-orev.wlThe current wirelist
Card##.silThe (edited) sil files for the logic
The program will check the current revision of all logic files against orev and the revision of the Layout, Platforms and Changes files against nrev. It will change the revision of the logic sil files to nrev.
Build proceeds in 8 phases:
Phase 1 marks all sil files with "build marks", checking original revisions
and changing revision codes on logic files.
Phase 2 starts Analyze on the logic files (the "A" switch in the EdBuild
command line forces all logic files to be re-analyzed).
Phase 3 merges the .pn files with the .sil files.
Phase 4 renames the old wirelist file to Card01.wl and calls Route.
Phase 5 renames the old wirelist file back to Card-orev and call upon
Analyze to form the cross reference signal list.
Phase 6 renames the new wirelist file, the .ad file and the signal list to
the correct names.
Phase 7 calls SIL to make the press file out of all sil files.
Phase 8 calls FTP to dump the world out.
If EdBuild encounters an error, it writes a message on a file called Card.be or go to SWAT and, if the error is fatal, terminates the build. If you can easily fix the problem, you can usually restart EdBuild back up on the phase that had an error by adding the phase number to the command line as in the following example:

EdBuild/ARC5 F/O G/R Card-BR/GB 100/GH E/GM Card*.sil
If you need to restart EdBuild from the beginning, you may need to manually rename some files back to their original names. Running EdBuild over again can also generate some non-fatal errors since the logic files might have been changed to the nrev and the program will be checking them against orev. However, EdBuild will continue and finish all the phases if no other fatal error occured. The revision-letter of the non-logic Sil-pages (pages with names other than Card##.sil) will not be altered by EdBuild; warnings will be given in Card.be if the revision letter mismatched to the command line. This is to remind the designer to update those non-logic Sil-pages.
The destination for the dump file (ie where the files will be dumped to) is defaulted to ISIS, under nonexisted account. You must retreive the file [MAXC]<SIL>EdBuildbackuptemplate.cm and edit appropriately . EdBuild checks this file first, if it doesn’t find the file on your disk, it uses it’s built-in default.
If you use EdBuild on a module which is already been built by BUILD, you must rename the wirelist file from Card01.wl to Card-orev.wl. Otherwise, EdBuild goes to SWAT and complains about not find the expected WL-file; you can not continue from here.