// [Indigo]<Alto>NewDisk.cm
// Last modified October 29, 1985  8:53 AM by RWeaver


Ftp Indigo Directory/c Alto Retrieve/c InstallSwat.Run Chat.Run Neptune.Run Ftp.Run Executive.Run Sys.Errors NpDisk.cm PDisk.cm ProofDisk.cm MesaDisk.cm NewOS.Boot

// Note that Bravo is not fetched here because many of the files it
// needs (User.Cm, Fonts.Widths, font files) are not yet on the disk.

// Install the new operating system.
Install NewOS.boot
Delete NewOS.boot

// Now install Swat under the new system

// No longer get Dmt.Boot because we prefer to boot it from the Ethernet.
// But Install has preallocated Dmt.Boot, so...
Delete InstallSwat.RUN NewDisk.cm Dmt.Boot

// Follow optionally with:
// @NpDisk.cm@ (non-programmer's disk)
// or @PDisk.cm@ (BCPL programmer's disk)
// or @ProofDisk.cm@ (proofreading disk)
// or @MesaDisk.cm@ (Mesa programmer's disk)