// [Indigo]<Alto>NewOS.cm -- Update an OS18 or OS19 disk to OS20
// Last modified April 27, 1982  1:14 PM by Taft
// You must have at least 300 free pages to run this procedure!

// First, get the new OS
FTP Indigo Directory/c Alto Retrieve/c NewOS.boot Sys.errors

// Install the new Operating System.
// Answer questions as appropriate.
Install NewOS.boot
Delete NewOS.boot Sys.log Sys.ts

// Get new versions and update old ones
FTP Indigo Directory/c Alto Retrieve/c InstallSwat.run ↑
Retrieve/u Ftp.run Executive.run Neptune.run Empress.run Chat.run Swat.help CopyDisk.run Sys.syms Sys.bk AltoDefs.d AltoFileSys.d Disks.d Streams.d SysDefs.d BcplFiles.d

Delete InstallSwat.run

// Now initialize Bravo under the new OS.
// Type "Q return" when it is done.
Delete NewOS.cm

// Delete Dumper.Boot if you wish.
// Mesa users:  Re-install the Debugger.