// [Indigo]<Alto>NpDisk.cm.
// Last modified February 25, 1986 9:44:13 am PST by RWeaver


Ftp Indigo ↑
Directory/c Alto Retrieve/c ↑
Bravo.run Bravo.messages Bravo.error SampleDoc.bravo ↑
Draw.run Manual1.Draw Markup.run PressEdit.run EmPress.run ↑
Retrieve/s NProg-User.cm User.cm ↑
Directory/c Fonts Retrieve/c Fonts.Widths ↑
Directory/c Laurel ↑
     Retrieve/s Laurel.run Laurel.run  ↑
     Retrieve/s Laurel.Profile Laurel.Profile  ↑
     Retrieve/s Tutorial.mail Tutorial.mail  ↑
Directory/c Forms Retrieve/c Form.Memo Form.InformalNote Form.Letter Form.WindowLetter Form.PersonalWLetter Form.Report Form.TableOfContents Form.TitlePage Form.DiskLabels Form.SeminarNotice Form.Performance Form.CSLpublication ↑
Directory/c AltoFonts Retrieve/c TimesRoman8.al TimesRoman10.al TimesRoman12.al TimesRoman14.al Helvetica8.al Helvetica10.al Helvetica12.al Helvetica18.al Gacha10.al Gacha12.al Hippo10.al Logo24.al Math10.al Arrows10.al ↑


Delete *Disk.cm Dumper.Boot

// Install a variable pitch system font
Copy SysFont.al ← TimesRoman12.al
// Must boot now because of OS bug that may cause it to
// crash if SysFont.al got bigger.
BootFrom Sys.Boot

// Please edit the [HARDCOPY] section in User.cm to specify the name
// of your regular printing server, then say Bravo/i.
// Also edit Laurel.profile to specify the name of your printer.