CleanLog                   February 18, 1976                          1

             CleanLog - a subsystem for compacting Sys.Log

        The  Alto  Operating  System  makes an  entry  in  a  log file,
Sys.Log,  every   time  it  opens,   creates,  or  deletes   any  file.
Consequently, Sys.Log  grows fairly rapidly.   Sys.Log is  important in
the operation of  DDS, the Alto file  manipulation subsystem, so  it is
not advisable to delete it;  however, it is possible to compact  it (by
removing  duplicate  entries  that  refer  to  the  same  file) without
affecting  its  usefulness  to  DDS.   CleanLog  is  a   subsystem  for
compacting Sys.Log.  To invoke it, just use
CleanLog will print out a message like
      13230b words read, 1020b words written
(the  "b"  indicates  the  numbers  are  octal)  to  indicate  how much
compaction was achieved.

        If for some reason you want to compact some other file which is
in the same format as Sys.Log, you can use
      >CleanLog filename
If you want to  compact a file and  write the compacted result  on some
other file, use
      >CleanLog inputfilename outputfilename