DPrint - Diablo Printer Program

This program  types text  files on  a Diablo  printer connected  to the
Alto.  It is  a vanilla program with  very few features.  Use  Bravo if
DPrint's facilities are inadequate.

The syntax of the command line is:
    DPrint/switch parameter/switch ... filename filename ...

The only switch permitted on the word "DPrint" is "/P", which instructs
DPrint to pause before the beginning of each page.

One or more parameters may optionally be specified:

     n/W  Sets the line  width to be  n characters.  Lines  longer than
          this will wrap  around to the next  line.  The default  is 75

     n/L  Sets  the page  length to  be n  lines.  This  determines the
          point at which  printout will pause  (if /P was  invoked) and
          also controls the amount of paper spewed when a  form-feed is
          encountered in the file.  The default is 66 lines (11 inches)
          if /P is not in effect or 57 lines (9.5 inches) if it is.

     n/M  Sets the  left margin  to be n  units of  1/10 inch  from the
          hardware left margin of the printer.  The default is zero.

Command line  parameters without  switches are assumed  to be  names of
text files to be printed.  If a file cannot be found or a  parameter is
otherwise incorrect, you will be prompted for the correct value.

When DPrint pauses, you may either type space to resume printout or "Q"
to abort it and quit out of the program.  DPrint will pause immediately
if you strike  any key while  it is printing,  and also if  the printer
becomes not ready.

                   Copyright Xerox Corporation 1979