Type Subsystem

Copyright Xerox Corporation 1979

Type.run ( on MAXC<ALTO> ) is a small program for use
instead of "type.~" in the executive.  It accepts a string
of file name(s) in the command line, ie. "type foo foo1 etc".
It opens the files and displays their contents "page" at a time.
The Bravo formatting information (all characters between
Cont Z and the next carrage return) are suppressed.

The program recognises the following "global" switches:
	Type/N Substitutes "N" spaces ( 0 through 9) each
	time the program encounters a "tab" character.
	Type/Z Does not supress Bravo format information
	and displays all characters
	Type/L Lists the decimal line count as determined by
	counting carrage return characters.
	Type/C Lists the octal character count of the
first character in the line.

The program recognises the following keyboard input:
	"↑" backs up to the last "page" displayed.
	"ESC" skips to the start of the next file.
	"DEL" or "↑C" returns to the executive.
	Any other character will display the next "page" of the file.

Roger Bates