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Referee’s Report: MS #XXX
Title: XXXXX
Author: XXXX
IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU START TYPING, ESPECIALLY THE INSTRUCTIONS NEAR THE END OF THIS PARA. This form has a LL85, LR530 (not justified), LX8, LY12, LTab(1)115 (for paragraph indentations) and everything is in Font 8 (Elite10). It looks exactly like the IBM typewriter 12-pitch Prestige Elite ball. When typing super or subscripts, stay with this same font so that it will resemble the typewriter (math and hippo fonts correspond to this size) - the line spacing has been so set that it (i.e., hardcopy) will not be affected by anything appearing above or below the line. VERY IMPORTANT: YOU CANNOT USE GRAPHICS FEATURES IN THIS FONT - IT WON’T WORK. SO FOR MINUS SIGNS, ETC. JUST USE THE REGULAR HYPHEN. You may now replace this with the appropriate text.