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*Open connection to Indigo
< Good ship Indigo 1.38.1L, File server of February 14, 1984; 5 users out of 9
*Directory Alto
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.run
<Alto>BRAVO.RUN!2 to local file BRAVO.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...233752 bytes, 155834 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.messages
<Alto>BRAVO.MESSAGES!2 to local file BRAVO.MESSAGES [New file]
Type Text...6211 bytes, 49688 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Bravo.error
<Alto>BRAVO.ERROR!3 to local file BRAVO.ERROR [New file]
Type Text...16285 bytes, 130280 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file SampleDoc.bravo
<Alto>SAMPLEDOC.BRAVO!2 to local file SAMPLEDOC.BRAVO [New file]
Type Text...12165 bytes, 97320 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Draw.run
<Alto>DRAW.RUN!2 to local file DRAW.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...91852 bytes, 183704 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Manual1.Draw
<Alto>MANUAL1.DRAW!2 to local file MANUAL1.DRAW [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2546 bytes, 20368 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Markup.run
<Alto>MARKUP.RUN!2 to local file MARKUP.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...77360 bytes, 154720 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file PressEdit.run
<Alto>PRESSEDIT.RUN!4 to local file PRESSEDIT.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...23904 bytes, 95616 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file EmPress.run
<Alto>EMPRESS.RUN!2 to local file EMPRESS.RUN [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...46246 bytes, 123322 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file NProg-User.cm
<Alto>NPROG-USER.CM!3 to local file User.cm [Old file]
Type Text...2283 bytes, 18264 bits/sec
*Directory Fonts
*Retrieve remote file Fonts.Widths
<Fonts>Fonts.Widths!12 to local file Fonts.Widths [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...15976 bytes, 127808 bits/sec
*Directory Laurel
*Retrieve remote file Laurel.run
<Laurel>Laurel.run!1 to local file Laurel.run [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...324096 bytes, 144042 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Laurel.Profile
<Laurel>Laurel.Profile!1 to local file Laurel.Profile [New file]
Type Text...81 bytes, 648 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Tutorial.mail
<Laurel>Tutorial.mail!1 to local file Tutorial.mail [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...32738 bytes, 87301 bits/sec
*Directory Forms
*Retrieve remote file Form.Memo
<Forms>Form.Memo!1 to local file Form.Memo [New file]
Type Text...837 bytes, 6696 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.InformalNote
<Forms>Form.InformalNote!1 to local file Form.InformalNote [New file]
Type Text...285 bytes, 2280 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.Letter
<Forms>Form.Letter!2 to local file Form.Letter [New file]
Type Text...773 bytes, 6184 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.WindowLetter
<Forms>Form.WindowLetter!2 to local file Form.WindowLetter [New file]
Type Text...876 bytes, 7008 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.PersonalWLetter
<Forms>Form.PersonalWLetter!2 to local file Form.PersonalWLetter [New file]
Type Text...761 bytes, 6088 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.Report
<Forms>Form.Report!2 to local file Form.Report [New file]
Type Text...4261 bytes, 34088 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.TableOfContents
<Forms>Form.TableOfContents!2 to local file Form.TableOfContents [New file]
Type Text...1834 bytes, 14672 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.TitlePage
<Forms>Form.TitlePage!11 to local file Form.TitlePage [New file]
Type Text...1320 bytes, 10560 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.DiskLabels
<Forms>Form.DiskLabels!1 to local file Form.DiskLabels [New file]
Type Text...207 bytes, 1656 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.SeminarNotice
<Forms>Form.SeminarNotice!1 to local file Form.SeminarNotice [New file]
Type Text...372 bytes, 2976 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.Performance
<Forms>Form.Performance!5 to local file Form.Performance [New file]
Type Text...1584 bytes, 12672 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Form.CSLpublication
<Forms>Form.CSLPublication!14 to local file Form.CSLPublication [New file]
Type Text...5723 bytes, 45784 bits/sec
*Directory AltoFonts
*Retrieve remote file TimesRoman8.al
<AltoFonts>TimesRoman8.al!2 to local file TimesRoman8.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2260 bytes, 18080 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file TimesRoman10.al
<AltoFonts>TimesRoman10.al!2 to local file TimesRoman10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2588 bytes, 20704 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file TimesRoman12.al
<AltoFonts>TimesRoman12.al!2 to local file TimesRoman12.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2844 bytes, 22752 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file TimesRoman14.al
<AltoFonts>TimesRoman14.al!2 to local file TimesRoman14.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...3342 bytes, 26736 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Helvetica8.al
<AltoFonts>Helvetica8.al!2 to local file Helvetica8.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2260 bytes, 18080 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Helvetica10.al
<AltoFonts>Helvetica10.al!2 to local file Helvetica10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2584 bytes, 20672 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Helvetica12.al
<AltoFonts>Helvetica12.al!2 to local file Helvetica12.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2828 bytes, 22624 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Helvetica12b.al
< File not found.
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*Retrieve remote file Helvetica18.al
<AltoFonts>Helvetica18.al!2 to local file Helvetica18.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...3790 bytes, 30320 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Gacha10.al
<AltoFonts>Gacha10.al!3 to local file Gacha10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2288 bytes, 18304 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Gacha12.al
<AltoFonts>Gacha12.al!3 to local file Gacha12.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2606 bytes, 20848 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Hippo10.al
<AltoFonts>Hippo10.al!1 to local file Hippo10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2254 bytes, 18032 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Logo24.al
<AltoFonts>Logo24.al!1 to local file Logo24.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...790 bytes, 6320 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Math10.al
<AltoFonts>Math10.al!1 to local file Math10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...2554 bytes, 20432 bits/sec
*Retrieve remote file Arrows10.al
<AltoFonts>Arrows10.al!1 to local file Arrows10.al [New file]
Type Binary, ByteSize 8...3176 bytes, 25408 bits/sec
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