-- PilotGV.cm  -  everything to build PilotGV
-- Hankins		23-Aug-84 11:33:44

-- compiler switches: ~b~ejp~u

-- get files

bringover PilotGV.df

-- compile exported defs

compiler BitMapDefs BodyDefs BTree2Defs BTreeSupportDefs FTPDefs GlassDefs ImageDefs IODefs Leaf LogDefs LogWatchDefs NameInfoSpecialDefs PolicyDefs RestartDefs Sequin SequinPrivate Storage TimeExtra TimeExtraImpl VMDefs VMSpecial VMStorage 

-- compile first level

compiler Bitmap BTree2 BTreeDefs BTreeSupport EnquiryDefs FileDefs FTPPrivateDefs FTPPupComDefs GlassImpl HeapFileDefs IdleTime ImageDefsImpl LocalNameDefs LocateDefs Log LogPrivateDefs MaintainDefs NameInfoDefs ObjectDirDefs ProtocolDefs RetrieveDefs SendDefs SequinImplA SequinImplB StorageGVImpl VMStorageMgr 

-- compile second level

compiler AclDefs BTree Enquiry FileCommon FTPAccessories FTPCold FTPEvent FTPPair FTPProtError FTPProtFiles FTPProtocol FTPPupComCool FTPPupComHot FTPQueue FTPServer FTPServerCommon FTPServerFiles FTPServerMail FTPTrace FTPUserCommon FTPUserDump FTPUserFileNub FTPUserFiles FTPUserHot FTPUserMailIn FTPUserMailNub FTPUserMailOut FTPUserRetrieve FTPUserStore FTPUtilities HeapDefs HeapFile IFSFilePrivate IO Locate LogDisplayCold LogDisplayHot MDSWatcher NameInfoPrivate NameUpdateDefs ObjectDirXDefs PilotFileSystem Policy Protocol ReadLog ReceiveMail RetrieveXDefs RListDefs SendMail VMPrivate

-- compile third level

compiler HeapRList HeapXDefs IFSFileControl IFSFileList IFSFileOpsA IFSFileOpsB IFSFileOpsC LocalName MailBoxDefs NameInfo  ObjectDir RegBTreeDefs RegistryDefs Restart RetrieveGV RetrieveInit RetrieveMail RetrieveMTP RetrievePoll ServerDefs SpillDefs VMCacheMgr VMCacheOps VMControl VMFile VMIO VMPageMgr VMPageOps Compactor HeapRestart MSMail Reader ReaderAlloc ReadMail RegAccessDefs RegCacheDefs Registry RegServerDefs ReturnDefs ReturnMail ServerAlloc SiteCacheDefs SLDefs Spiller Writer

-- compile forth level

compiler Acl CreateMail DLFetcher GVPServer GVSwitches MailboxAlloc MiscSoc MTPServer ReadForward ReadInput ReceiveInput RegAccess RegBTree RegCache Registration RegMail RegRestart RegServerImpl ServerInfo SiteCache SLQueueImpl MailboxRestart SLRestart MyKluge

-- bind subconfigs

binder VM ServerMisc Server

-- bind top level 

binder GVDLion/-c		-- no packaging??

-- bootfile

MakeBoot GVDLion[parm: GV.bootmesa, bcd: Server]/d
--    this will complain of several unbound imports which are required by
--    the RFileServer stuff.  We don't use RFile so will leave them unbound.
--    Also, MaintainDefs and RestartDefs each have an unbound thing which is not important.

-- store out files?

SModel/n PilotGV
VerifyDF PilotGV
SModel/v-l PilotGV	-- librarian complains about like named files