Subject: PA distribution list creation request
To: Registrar.PA

I am:

Your name:		First M. Last
Your organization:	organization
Your IntelNet #:	8*xxx-yyyy

Please create the following distribution list:

DL Name:		FirstPart↑.pa
Remark:		Up to 64 character remark indicating DL use
Owners:		RNames
Friends:		RNames or *.reg or * or NIL

Members:		RName, RName, ... (in alphabetic order, multiple lines ok)


NOTES (you may delete the following before submitting this request):

Nomally you should create new DL's in the same registry that contains your message account.  This form, for the PA registry, is filed as DLRequest.form on the <Laurel> directory of [Iris], [ivy], and [Phylum].  (Forms for other registries are filed on the <Laurel> directories of their file servers.)  The form can be gotten into the bottom window of Laurel 6 by doing a "Get" of "DLRequest" (or of "[host]<Laurel>DLRequest.form" if the form is not already on your local disk).

Propose a first part for the DL name that is suggestive of its purpose.  Use Mesa- style capitalization rather than "-"s in the name.

The remark is required and also should communicate to a human something about the purpose of the proposed DL.

RNames are the names of groups or individuals in the Grapevine data base, for example "Schroeder.PA", "Registrar.PA", "CSL↑.pa", or "EDSupport.ES".

Owners can add/delete anyone to/from the DL.  They can also set the remark, add/delete friends, and add/delete owners.  (Don't delete yourself as owner!)  They cannot delete the DL.  Some owner must be designated.  Normally it will be you.  The owners will be responsible for the DL and get to set the policy for who can be members.  Messages addressed to "Owners-FirstPart↑.reg" will go to the owners.  NOTE:  Do not request that the DL be the owner of itself.  This causes a mail loop when mail is sent to Owners-FirstPart↑.reg.

Friends can add/delete only themselves from the DL.  Setting friends to NIL means that the DL is closed; the only way to get on or off the DL is to ask the owners.  Setting friends to the RName of the DL itself means that owners must add new members to the DL but any member can remove himself.  Setting friends to "*.reg" means that anyone in the designate registry can add/delete themselves to/from the DL.  Setting friends to "*" means that any registered message system users can add/delete themselves to/from the DL.  Using "*.reg" or "*" as friends means that the DL is open.  The owners will have much less control on who is in the DL, but they also will not be bothered with requests to add/delete members, who will do it for themselvers using Maintain (see below).

The initial membership list should be provided as full RNames of individuals (or groups), complete with ".reg", in alphabetic order by string representation.  Separate the names with commas.  No comments are allowed.  Apra members are represented as "name@host.Arpa".

You will be notified when the DL is created.  Subsequent maintenance will be performed by the owners using the "Maintain" program in Laurel 6.  See Appendix B.2 of the Laurel 6 manual for instructions on obtaining and running Maintain.

Please send a message to "" if you want the owners list changed, or if the DL is no longer needed and can be deleted.